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TakaNguvu - Waste to Energy

JuaNguvu Ltd* is a Kenyan based company with the main activities in  bio-waste management, solar energy, and recreation.

Areas of operation:


Energy Production through Solid Waste Management



Cooperation with producer of industrial biogas plants


Puxin Biogas Digester


Puxin Biogas Digester - A fixed dome digester built in 1 - 2 weeks


TakaNguvu 3


TakaNguvu 3 - A Polyethylene Biogas Digester (PBD)


TakaNguvu 1


TakaNguvu 1 - An Oil Drum Digester

Bike the Coast

Bush tours with mountain bikes at the Kenyan North Coast




Discover Africa on a Mountain Bike

Have a dream. Try again and make it happen

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Contacts: JuaNguvu Ltd
PO Box 473 - 80109
Mtwapa - Kenya


JuaNguvu means "Solar Energy".
It is a combination of the Swahili words jua (sun) and nguvu (energy, power).


2002 - 2013 TakaNguvu is a product of JuaNguvu Ltd.

last update: 06/12/2016
Biogas is a renewable Energy-Ressource, Biofertilizer Nguvu Taka Mombasa Mombassa NTV