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What is Biogas?*

Biogas typically refers to methane produced by the digestion of manure under anaerobic conditions. The process is popular in rural areas, particularly in the Netherlands and Denmark, because it provides a convenient way of turning waste into electricity. The use of biogas is encouraged because methane burns with a clean flame and produces little pollution.

Digestion of the manure and other bio waste occurs in a digester, which must be strong enough to withstand the build-up of pressure and must provide anaerobic conditions for the bacteria inside.
The digestion produces mainly 2 by-products: Biogas and Biofertilizer.

Digesters are usually built near the manure source, and several are often used together to provide a continuous gas supply. Products put into the digester are composed mainly of carbohydrates with some lipids and proteins

Biofertilizer is a 100% natural and organic fertilizer that helps to provide and keep in the soil all the nutrients and microorganisms required for the benefits of the plants.


What can Biogas be used for?


  • Simple cookers, Industrial cookers


  • Fridges operated with gas


  • Gas lamps

Mechanical Power

  • Electrical power generators

  • Water pumps

  • Driving vehicles

Where can Biogas be used?

Almost everywhere, specially interesting when located off public grid, to conserve wood fuel (charcoal), etc.

Advantage of biogas while replacing charcoal as household energy: no toxic and carcinogenic indoor smoke see information of ITDG.

Digest sewage from schools (see example from Myeka High School, SA, CNN-publication), hospitals, community centres and use the gas for cooking food, boiling water, etc.

(Dairy) farms digest the manure to produce energy for the processing of the milk and the biofertilizer to fertilize the crops.


JuaNguvu Biogas Projects

TakaNguvu - Puxin biogas digester Kenya
TakaNguvu - Polythene biogas digester Kenya
TakaNguvu - Drum digester Kenya

Pictures of Biogas-Plants

Dairy-Farm Dakshish Patel, Likoni Kenya
R.O.M. AG, Frauenfeld Switzerland
Allmig, Baar Switzerland
Sugar factory, Frauenfeld Switzerland

Driving with Biogas

Driving with natural gas (in German or French) Switzerland
Latest cars running on natural gas (in German or French) Switzerland

Links to Biogas-Sites

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BOXER - Infodienst: Regenerative Energie

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More Links re Biogas


*) Text partially copied from Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia

last update: 24/10/2013
Biogas is a renewable Energy-Ressource, Biofertilizer Nguvu Taka Mombasa Mombassa NTV