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Energy Production through Management of Bio Waste

TakaNguvu - Waste to Energy

TakaNguvu - Vision

The aim of TakaNguvu* is to ensure that as much as possible of biodegradable waste in Kenya is collected in decentralized plants and brought to economic benefit by producing Biogas and Biofertilizer.

The proposed plants and installations are adapted to the local needs, e.g. they are "Fit for Africa".


From Waste to Energy

Rolf Lattmann, March, 2002

Life Cycle Of Organic Material

In farming the life-cycle of biodegradable material is easily understandable.

Bio digestion is perfectly integrated into organic sustainable farming methods; it is an  environmentally friendly technology that produces renewable and CO2-neutral energy.

TakaNguvu - Implementation

TakaNguvu - from Waste to Energy

Fit for Africa


TakaNguvu - Type Of Biogas Digesters

On the way to the above-mentioned goal we developed and implemented different types of small and medium size biogas digesters for farmers and communities.

Puxin Biogas Digester

Puxin Biogas Digester

A fixed dome digester built within 2 - 3 weeks, with a digesting capacity of 6 m3, 10 m3 or 14 m3
2 different types are available:
1 stage    for manure and liquid waste
2 stages  for solid
bio waste
TN3 - Polyethylene Biogas Digester

PBD Digester

We built a Polyethylene Biogas Digester (PBD) described by Lylian Rodriguez and T R Preston in Recycling Lifestock Wastes - Biodigester Installation.
TN1 - Oil-Drum Digester

Drum Digester

Some Oil Drum Digester described by E. G. Matthews in Biogas for Overseas Volunteers.


TakaNguvu means "We want the power from the waste".
It is a combination of the Swahili words kutaka (to want), takataka (waste) and nguvu (energy, power).

2002 - 2013 TakaNguvu is a product of JuaNguvu Ltd.

last update: 06/12/2016
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