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TN P/2 Biogas System
at Kenya Bixa Ltd, Tiwi, Kenya

TakaNguvu - Waste to Energy
Kenya Bixa Ltd 

Seed Waste substitutes Diesel and Firewood

Since February 2011 the plant is operational

2 stage biogas system consisting of

  • 6  20 m3 Puxin biogas digester
  • 1  26 m3 Overflow pit
  • 6  hydrolysis pits
  • 3  gas bags for storage of biogas 99 m3, 98 m3 and 36 m3

Feedstock / Gas Production / Gas Usage

  • Available daily feedstock:
    • 7 tons of annatto seeds
    • 2 t of chicken waste
    • 1 t of slaughterhouse waste
  • Gas production
    • With daily 2 tons of annatto seeds the 6 digesters produce daily about 180 m3 biogas.
  • Phase 1:
    • Run steam boiler. The steam is used for the production process of the water soluble powder called Norbixin, a food colorant.
    • Run dryers, also used in the production process
  • Phase 2:
    • Use of biogas for generating power



Annatto seeds


Construction of
a 20 m3 digester


Construction of
a 20 m3 digester


Bixa - Test
environment with
1 digester, overflow pit
and 2 hydrolysis pits


2 Hydrolysis pits
for test


Test control area
with gas metre


September 2010:
the 6 digesters are built


36 m3 biogas


Phase 1 of biogas
plant is completed


Hydrolysis pits in


Hydrolysis is ready for
feeding into digester


Hydrolysis liquid flows
into inlet of digester


New control area


98 m3 biogas storage


Test of gas burner


Detail of new gas metre


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last update: 06/12/2016
Biogas is a renewable Energy-Ressource, Biofertilizer Nguvu Taka Mombasa Mombassa NTV