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Puxin Biogas Digester 

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The Puxin Biogas Digester is a fixed dome-type medium-size biogas-digester for farms and other bio-waste producing facilities.


The Puxin Biogas Digester has been developed in China. A country with a long tradition in using the biogas technology.
For building the stomach and the neck of the digester we use a mould. This mould is filled with concrete.
This way of construction guarantees precise fitting of the gasholder on top.

Within 2 days the digester is cast. The whole plant can be built within 2 weeks.

There are 3 sizes of stomach (6 m3, 10 m3, and 14 m3) and 2 sizes of gasholders (900 litre and 1100 litre) available.

JuaNguvu offers 2 types of Puxin Biogas Digesters:

TN P standard

The standard system is a single stage biogas plant and can be operated with any kind of manure (cow, pigs, etc), solid bio waste as well as sewage.

TN P/2 biogas system:

The P/2 biogas system was developed by our engineers and is a 2-stage biogas plant. Its additional features allow the use of solid bio waste (from kitchen, food processing, vegetable markets, municipal (MSW), landscaping, etc) as feedstock.


  • Low tech: The installation has only one electric component: a slurry pump - no automated stirring devices, no heating systems, no electric or electronic controls/valves.
  • Low maintenance need: Thanks to the implementation of the hydrolysis stage there are no solid material reaching the digester. This reduces the maintenance of the digesters dramatically.
  • Simple operation: For normal operation there is only one manual valve to operate.

The many successful installation have proven the Puxin technology really "Fit for Africa".


  • The mould makes the digester easy and fast to build, thus saving money.
  • The use of the corrosion-free fibreglass gasholder and its unique way of mounting on the digester neck guarantees tightness.
  • The underground installation avoids any damage from the environment thus reducing the maintenance to an absolute minimum.
  • The material used and the way of construction guarantee a long lifespan and therefore an easy payback.
  • The Puxin Biogas Digester is a mature technology which has already been installed in Kenya many times.


There are standard appliances for the Puxin Biogas Digester:
  • 1, 2 or 3 flame biogas cooker
  • Industrial cooker
  • Biogas lamp
  • Biogas water heater
  • Biogas generator
  • Installation material: fittings, pressure gauge, desulphurizer

Installations at the Kenyan Coast

Installation Where When Type Size Feedstock Application
Cow and Chicken Farm Mtwapa, Kenya January 2011 TN P 14 m3 cow and chicken manure lightning, cooking
Kenya Bixa Ltd Tiwi, Kwale February 2010 until February 2011 TN P/2 120 m3 annatto seeds, chicken manure, slaughterhouse waste Replacing diesel/firewood for production process
Mitedi, Community Project Makirungwe, Mombasa  December 2008 TN P/2 10 m3 solid biowaste, cow manure cooking, lightning
5* Hotel Kikambala, Kilifi, Kenya November 2008 TN P/2 14 m3 solid biowaste cooking
Cow Farm Mtwapa, Kenya August 2008 TN P 14 m3 cow manure cooking
Cow Farm Kizingitini, Mtwapa, Kenya May 2008 TN P 18 m3 cow manure cooking, el. power
Household Farm Utange, Mombasa August 2007 TN P 10 m3 cow manure cooking
Go-Kart Track Bamburi, Mombasa July 2007 TN P/2 12 m3 solid biowaste cooking, grilling, frying, water heating, lightning
Tree Plantation Ngamani, Mtwapa, Kenya June 2007 TN P/2 14 m3 solid biowaste cooking, el. power
Boarding School Utange, Mombasa March 2007 TN P 28 m3 cow manure cooking, lightning
Demonstration Farm Mtopanga, Mombasa February 2007 TN P 10 m3 cow manure cooking, lightning


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