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TN P/2 Biogas System
at Mombasa Go-Kart, Bamburi, Mombasa

TakaNguvu - Waste to Energy
Mombasa Go-Kart 

Replacing LPG in the restaurant and private houses

2 stage biogas system consisting of

  • 1  12 m3 Puxin biogas digester
  • 3  1 m3 hydrolysis pits

Feedstock / Gas Production

  • Daily feedstock: 70 - 100 kg kitchen waste
  • Daily gas production about 7 m3
  • The excess gas which is not consumed is stored in a gas bag. Upon demand of additional gas it is pumped back into the gasholder placed in the digester.

Installed Biogas Appliances

  • 10  small biogas cookers
  • 1  deep fat fryer
  • 1  BBQ grill - biogas replaces the charcoal
  • 1  water heater
  • 1  biogas lamp
  • 1  side blower to pump the biogas



The main components of 
the 2 stage biogas digester


Daily about 70 kg
of Biowaste


Control Panel with
desulphurizer, biogas
flow meter, pressure
 gauge, and pressure
 reduction valve


Restaurant kitchen
with biogas


Biogas cookers


Cooking with


Deep fat fryer
runs on biogas


Biogas replaced


Biogas water heater






Go-Karts in action


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last update: 06/12/2016
Biogas is a renewable Energy-Ressource, Biofertilizer Nguvu Taka Mombasa Mombassa NTV