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TN P/2 Biogas System
at Sun 'n' Sand Beach Resort, Kikambala, Kenya

TakaNguvu - Waste to Energy
Sun 'n' Sand Beach Resort 

Replacing LPG and charcoal in the staff canteen

2 stage biogas system consisting of

  • 1  14 m3 Puxin biogas digester
  • 2  4 m3 hydrolysis pits

Feedstock / Gas Production

  • Designed for a daily feedstock of 400 kg of bio waste (kitchen and garden)
  • Phase 1:
    • Run staff kitchen with biogas, they serve about 200 meals a day
    • Staff kitchen is 150 m from biogas plant
  • Phase 2:
    • Use of biogas in the main kitchen (to be implemented in 2009)

Installed Biogas Appliances

  • 2  big industrial biogas cooker
  • 1  household biogas cooker
  • 1  biogas lamp



The entrance to
the biogas plant


Preparation of
feedstock (reduce
the big chunks)


Hydrolysis tanks


Puxin biogas


Overflow tank


26 m3 gas bag
with pressure control


Cooking with
biogas in the staff


Cooking with


Pressure gauge
and desulphurizer
in the staff kitchen


Biogas lamp in
a godown






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